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Scott Pruett Endorsement

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I have been training at the PRS training center for the past five seasons. A span of time in which I have won four Grand Am Championships! With only a few exceptions due to sponsor commitments, I have been training on the simulator on Monday or Tuesday of each coming race weekend. I don’t need to do this to learn the tracks that I have raced on for many years. So why do I still go to the simulator to prepare for the coming race weekend? I do it because after 3-4 hours on the simulator I have recalled all my life-experience at the particular race track and it then becomes fresh in my conscious memory! I believe this gives me almost an unfair competitive advantage over my competition! I won’t say the PRS simulators are the reason I have won four Championships out of the last five years. But I will say that the PRS simulators have played a very important role!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to drive many, many simulators. This not only includes simulators at PRI, SEMA and other auto shows, but also a few “seven-figure” simulator units built by car manufacturers. To me, they all look about the same as the simulators at PRS. But once I get in and begin to drive them, I find they do not make me feel like I am driving a real race car. The simulators at PRS absolutely do make me feel like I’m driving my real Daytona Prototype race car! Why? I haven’t got a clue and I pretty much don’t care. The PRS simulators work for me and that is all that counts!

If you begin training on the PRS simulators you will become a better race car driver (no matter at what level you are in the beginning)! And just maybe, I’ll see you at the PRS shop at Sonoma Raceway!

Scott Pruett