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Things to Consider

It is important to understand that driving our simulators will be fun, but taking your seat time in the simulator very seriously (as you do in your real race car) is necessary for your subconscious mind to consider the experience realistic enough for learning to take place. There is no shortcut for learning a new driving technique – or a new track! If something will take you X time in a real race car, then it will also take X time in the simulator. Seat time in the simulator is not a pill you can just take and now you are a better race car driver!

But seat time necessary for learning can be accelerated in a simulator, because you have much easier access to it than you do your race car on a real track. Track time and test days are becoming harder and harder to come by. The PRS simulators are available to you 7-days per week! And at a mere fraction of the costs of your real race car on a test day!