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Introductory Training (Immersion)

The introductory training program is conducted by a PRS certified simulator driving coach. It is designed to introduce simulator training to the club driver and provide the initial immersion training necessary to make the racing simulator an effective driver improvement training tool. The course is available to Licensed Drivers or Experienced High Performance Tack-Day Drivers.

The course is broken into three (3) two-hour sessions and concentrates on the initial driver immersion process, proper operation of the simulator, car control techniques and precise placement of the car on the track (the racing line). The results are measurable improved lap times! The driver will be given an end-of-program evaluation report that will pinpoint those skills that need further practice or instruction. This evaluation will allow the coach to suggest an ongoing training program to the driver that will quickly correct weaknesses, and will build on strengths that were demonstrated during the program’s 6 hours.

Completion of this course qualifies the driver for supervised independent simulator training.

Summary Course Description:

  1. You will receive a minimum of 6 hours of intense simulator training.

  2. You will be given a driver evaluation with which to build continuing training programs for ongoing improvement of your racing skills.

  3. Package Price: $810 (regular price: $1,110)