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Intermediate Training

The Intermediate driver training course is supervised by a PRS certified simulator driving coach. It is designed to provide organized simulator training sessions to the intermediate level club driver as an adjunct and extension of the Introductory course. “Never go out on track without a specific plan for that track session!” This applies to simulator training as well as real-world test days Following the lead from the Introductory program’s driver evaluation data, a game plan of simulator training with specific goals and organized practice sessions is developed – customized to the individual customer.

The course is available to licensed racers and experienced high performance track-day drivers who have completed the Introductory course.

The course includes ten (10) hours of simulator training practice sessions, with two (2) hours coached simulator time. It also includes a written training plan for the ten hours of simulator seat time (created by the driver and his coach).

Completion of this course qualifies the driver for advanced simulator training.

Summary Course Description:

  1. You will receive a minimum of 10 hours of intense simulator training (2 hours coached).

  2. You will be working from a custom training plan created by you and your coach.

  3. Package Price: $1,150 (regular price: $1,650)