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Custom Services

PRS can create custom graphics for use with the simulator for both your car as well as developing custom track configurations or developing tracks that are not available.  These services are available at a hourly rate.



A critical element in the simulation environment is your car setup, PRS has many 'out of the box' setups and baseline settings, however as you will rapidly learn tuning your car both on the track and in the simulator is more than necessary.  Creating new vehicles and major tuning efforts are available at an hourly rate.



You will find that communication with your coach is not only important but necessary while in the simulator.  If your helmet is not equipped PRS can install a helmet sound/radio harness at a hourly rate plus the cost of the hardware and any necessary materials. 



PRS is available for consultation on your personal simulator.  This service ranges from advising on simulator selection all the way to designing and developing a custom simulator for you.  Prices will be quoted based upon your unique requirements.



Diagnosis and repair of your existing simulator system may also be provided by PRS, a time and materials quote will be provided upon request.