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Driver Development Coaching

    Club Level Driver Coaching (per hour) $35
    This is what most SCCA or NASA club drivers pay for Driver Development coaching initially, to either learn new techniques or to get rid of bad habits!  
    Advanced Club Level Driver Coaching (per hour) $75
    This Driver Development coaching level is for those who no longer need to work on Technique or learning a track's correct racing line.  This training emphasizes "race craft" skills and uses articifical intelligence simulated race cars for practice races.  
    Initial Driver Immersion Training Package $300
    "Driver Immersion" is the process of the subconscious mind accepting the simulator as being a real race car driven on a real race track.  This process will happen much faster that just driving the simulator alone if the driver is coached though a specific driver immersion program.  After 13 years of duing this, we are quite good at it.  We expect driver immersion to reach the 60%-70% level at the end of this program.  It includes three hours on the simulator and three full hours of driver coaching.  
     NOTE:  We recommend one hour of coaching for every ten hours of individual practice.